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28th June 2012

Getting Wise to #TeamBuglioni – An Article by Matthew Collett

Since turning pro last year I think it would be fair to say that Buglioni’s support has had almost as much positive coverage as the man himself. Ever present, ever vocal and infectiously compelling, Team Buglioni are the siege of support that cheers every damaging hook, celebrates every sharp jab and in turn noisily jeer the opponent’s every movement from the minute they enter the arena.

But Team Buglioni isn’t just the chorus of dapper young men you see on the cameras cunningly giving new life to old football chants. Behind the tight jeans and the bravado you’ll find an intricate network of close knit friends, family, work colleagues and people that genuinely and I mean genuinely, want to see Frank do well. We all believe the best way that we can give support is to create an atmosphere and let him know that we’re right there in it with him. After all, an obstacle shared is an obstacle halved… and if you can halve a super middleweight you’re only really boxing a 38kg fighter, so there’s the intricate mathematical purpose to our presence as well.

Let’s be honest though, Frank makes it easy for us to support him – a composed fighter with educated punch combinations in the ring the victories seem to be coming with enjoyment. Couple this with his equally composed and educated post-fight interviews the personable gent from North London is quickly becoming the poster boy of pro boxing.
Frank has always been quick to compliment his unique following and his unassuming nature only serves to endear him further to the wider boxing community.

There’s something overwhelmingly affable about the ‘Wise Guy’ which leads Team Buglioni to advocate a truly unique commodity in the boxing world – a boxer that has as much potential outside the ring as they do inside it.

Team Buglioni in ‘party mode’ after Buglioni scores a 1st round TKO at the Royal Albert Hall.