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21st June 2012

Healthy Eating

This post is dedicated to the many people who have asked me about diet plans and eating the right foods.

As my mum always states; ‘You are what you eat’ and this couldn’t be more appropriate to those who participate in a weight categorized sport such as boxing. But eating healthy should not be reserved strictly for athletes. I think that everyone should strive to eat properly not just for appearances and aesthetics but for general well-being and functionality.

I have decided to put together a basic diet plan with a few of my essentials and a typical daily intake to give you a basic idea of my diet. This is by no means the definitive diet plan and you should always do as you see fit for yourself, i simply offer an example of what i may eat in a typical day, which, i have tried and tested and deemed to work pretty well.

My fighting weight is 12st (Super Middleweight), and whats known as my training weight is 12st 8lbs. In kg’s it is roughly 76.5 and 80kg respectively. So during training my diet plan is to maintain 12st 8lbs and keep my body fueled for vigorous training. Whereas during weight making my diet plan will look considerably different. What i share with you, will be the ‘training’ diet plan. – I will discuss the weight making diet at a later date!

Breakfast 7.30am : 2  eggs (poached) on brown toast (no butter), Bowl of porridge made with semi skimmed milk/water with Honey & mixed chopped fruit.

Lunch 12.00pm : Chicken (breast), wholemeal pasta and mixed salad (tomato, onion, pepper, spinach, rocket, basil) – keep dressing to a minimum, used good quality olive oil and balsamic vinegar!

Dinner 6.00/7.00pm: Salmon (not fried), brown rice and mixed vegetables (steamed).

10.00pm – Protein/Evening Recovery drink.

Pre Workout: (apart from 1st thing am training, which on an empty stomach will burn more fat and increase metabolism) Banana, 45 minutes prior to a session or any type of protein shot style supplement to be taken in accordance with the products guidelines.

During Workouts: An Electrolyte based drink, (Gatorade 02 perform).

Post Workout: Recovery Drinks containing a mixture of protein and carbohydrates, try to time it so that you wait no longer than half an hour before consuming food.

Snacks; Nut/Cereal Bars, Fruit, low fat yoghurt/milkshakes.

Essentials; keep yourself hydrated with water throughout the day. Stay away from fast food/crisps/cakes/sweets/chocolate etc!

I hope this gives you a rough idea of the right foods to eat, it is only a basic outline of my diet, but can hopefully be used as a starting point. Good luck and bon appétit!

The Wiseguy