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10th April 2013

Rule Britannia, Buglioni Rules The Waves

10 days to go and Buglioni is determined to put in an intelligently mastered performance for the thousands of onlookers at Wembley Arena, a large proportion of which are fully fledged Team Buglioni members and will be looking to add their voices in support of the granite fisted ‘Wise Guy’.


Unfortunately a delay of a few weeks lead to this point and with the countdown well and truly underway there’s no looking back now, Buglioni’s first eight round contest promises to be another show stopper with the Londoner right at the top of a talented undercard.


Buglioni faces tough come forward fighter Darren McKenna, a replacement to Buglioni’s previous opponent Eder Kurti, who withdrew with an injured hand. Darren McKenna a light heavyweight will have a size advantage to add to his experience advantage with 10 fights under his belt 2 of his wins coming by knockout. Buglioni and his trainer Mark Tibbs, however know full well this opponent is a step up, so training has followed suit, longer rounds with tougher bigger sparring partners, longer runs with steeper hills, harder circuits and heavier weights. Tools have been sharpened and the body & mind has been conditioned for what lies ahead.

Buglioni is in the best shape of his life, but it’s not been an easy few weeks, adjustments to the training camp and mindset were crucial to prepare for this date, having been postponed since March 16th; but the Wise Guy has never been more determined to showcase his ability and demonstrate, with a commanding performance, that once again – he’s one to watch. Playing the long game, Buglioni doesn’t find himself in a rush to get to the top, knowing instead that by taking his time to learn the craft he can sustain his success and build foundations that will support him through an illustrious career in the sport.


As his profile inside and outside of the ring grows there’s no doubt that all eyes will be on Frank in ten days time. But feeling the pressure or not, the time to take the next step is now and by fully launching into 2013 Buglioni can put some flesh on the bones that rumour him to be the next big hitter in the super middleweight division.

Buglioni fans won’t miss it. Boxing fans, don’t miss it.

Article By Matthew Collett, Photos courtesy of Colin & Carolyn and Shannon Janice Kelly.