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17th September 2012

Eyes on The Wise – September 14th 2012 Fight Report by Matthew Collett

Eyes on the Wise

It’s 8pm in Bethnal Green and what seems and sounds like half of North London are baring down on the twenty square foot of canvas that Frank ‘Wise Guy’ Buglioni has made his own. With still over an hour to go before the bell sounds the Buglioni balcony is bouncing already.

The ever growing network of Team Buglioni are poised to strike, as hungry and as passionate as the man himself; the chorus of war cries creating what can only be described as one of the most evocative and infectious atmospheres in professional sport today. Before the entrance music has a chance to come on the roof shudders from the resounding echo of the song everyone’s waiting to hear, no need for a seven nation army when there’s an army inside York Hall big enough to launch a verbal assault on any arena.

Buglioni emerges looking sharper than ever, punching the space in front of him as his opponent watches on. The big man from Belfast looks briefly up to theĀ hoards on the balcony, head back in the ring an assured nod means he fancies his chances.

No sooner had the bell gone than the assured nod turned in to a distant memory. The stern focused eyes warped into grimace as he felt the power of Buglioni’s sharp jabs. Minutes later his knee was on the mat, an explosive right hand sending him over. One minute and a second knock down later and the Belfast boxer looked like he was hanging in for the bell, Buglioni determined to go to work with a mixture of fresh and accurate combinations.

Round two and North Londons newest star looked hell bent on showing his quality, firing on all cylinders he dispatched another fury of punches sending his opponent to the floor yet again. This time the referee had seen enough and he called for the stoppage. 6 – 0 for the wisest up and coming boxer in London, if not the country. Team Buglioni threw a few punches of its own throughout, chucking bucket loads of vocal fuel in to the fire and maintaining the infamous atmosphere that’s becoming so renowned when the Wise Guy’s about.

No doubt big things are in store for Frank and with a following that would travel far and wide to fly the Team Buglioni banner, the world is his proverbial oyster. But the young boxer is in no rush and under the watchful eye of Mark and Jimmy Tibbs the road to glory will be a measured, timely route – one we’re all looking forward to following.