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28th November 2015

St Mary’s High School Boxing taster!

It’s hard work being a professional athlete. Some would argue that being a Boxing is one of the most physically enduring sports which a person could become a professional in; The hours of work in the gym, the miles of running undertaken; not to mention the number of grueling rounds undertaken inside the squared circle.

 On the flip side however it has it’s perks! This past week Frank took time out of his busy schedule to visit St Marys High School in Cheshunt to work with some of it’s students.

Invited in to support the development of stretch and challenge of students in Year 10 GCSE PE, Buglioni set up and delivered a fitness based boxing circuit with 60 students who got to experience a snapshot from a professional athlete’s training regime. Students got to experience shadow boxing, skipping, core exercises and pad work with the Boxer from Enfield. Having returned from his training camp in Dublin with the Collin’s brothers, Frank pulled directly from his own training regime to push the young people to really test their limits and extend themselves both physically and mentally.

 It wasn’t the delivery of the session that had the biggest impact however. Let’s not be fooled, the students loved the physical and mental “test” they were put through and they were feeling it the next day- a few stiff muscles and a few tired limbs but they didn’t mind. But when the muscles had heeled and they had slept it off, what remained was a level of appreciation and inspiration for these young people. For those 60 minutes, Buglioni had as much impact as those KO punches he has thrown in his previous 13 KOs.

The impact of meeting and working with an athlete in the higher echelons of their sport can’t be quantified; it can’t be measured as a KO or a point’s decision.

No need to go the judge’s score cards; This was a flat out victory for everybody involved. In fact I would go as far as to say it was a flawless victory.