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11th February 2012

3rd Fight Report vs Ryan Clark

This match up created a lot of interest within the boxing world. Frank Buglioni the heavy handed prospect against the brash, almost unstoppable journeyman Ryan Clark. The verdict was that Buglioni would win comfortably (as expected of all up & coming prospects in their early fights) but the fashion it which he would win was being debated, many believed Buglioni would blast Clark away in a round or two whilst others felt Clark would give Buglioni his first distance victory. The latter proved correct, but it was an exciting and thrilling contest with a few swings and roundabouts which made for an entertaining watch and a crowd favourite;

Buglioni as expected started very fast, coming straight out to attack Clark’s body with a solid right hook . Clark immediately covered up and retreated to the ropes. Buglioni applying constant pressure to the head and body of Clark, forcing his opponent to tuck up behind a tight guard in an attempt to withstand the punishment. The most noticeable and damaging punches of the round came from a Buglioni right hook touch and then a right uppercut that brought Clarks head up at almost a right angle. A dominating first round from Buglioni, but no signs of surrender from Clark.

Round 2 saw more of the same, with Buglioni chasing Clark down with hurtful combinations, Swinging hooks into the body in an attempt to bring the gloves of Clark down away from his head. However Clark prevailed and a tough defence saw him come through another round, Buglioni again the clear winner.

The third round saw Buglioni start well, landing more combinations and at one point we see five left hooks in succession. Clark comes at Buglioni for the first time this round and is caught with a body shot, Buglioni follows up with another body shot and turns his man onto the ropes, sensing Clark is in trouble Buglioni pours on the pressure and Referee Robert Williams takes a closer look at the action. Clark however manages to get himself off the ropes and backs into the opposite corner, a right hand to the top of the head lands and Clark takes a knee. (ruled a slip)

Buglioni along with the crowd sense that Clark is ready to go and he looks for the finish. In doing so Buglioni punches himself out and leaves his hands low whilst still attacking and Clark catches him with two decent overhand rights, Buglioni shakes them off but on close of the round gets an earful from his trainer Mark Tibbs, who is clearly frustrated with his fighter taking unnecessary shots. Another round won for Buglioni.

After some words of instruction from his corner Buglioni goes out in the fourth with a calmer mindset and boxes Clark behind a solid jab and one, two. This tactic sees him also land with some solid uppercuts and body shots. Again not too much fight back from Clark and a final round for Buglioni sees him win with a one sided points victory.

Some great five and six shot combinations from Buglioni highlighted his obvious talent and shot selection, but through the fight he showed glimpses of immaturity and lack of patience, we cannot blame a prospect for trying to please his crowd but hope that those lessons are learned and administered in fights to come. A gallant effort from Ryan Clark who showed superb toughness and durability, but a somewhat limited performance from the Journeyman who quite clearly came to survive rather than test Buglioni as he so threatened on the social media platforms of Twitter & Facebook.

Courtesy of Mr Matthew Collett – @MattCollett