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13th April 2014

13th Fight Report Vs Sergey Khomitsky – WBO European defence.

For Frank Buglioni’s 13th fight he was up against the relatively unknown veteran of the game Sergey Khomitsky. A quick check on Boxrec would indicate a solid fighter with a decent record who had only been beaten by the best. However a closer look would show just how tough and experienced Khomitsky was; he retired Jamie Moore, came close to beating Martin Murray twice and in his latest outing, was outpunching and outpointing former world champion Robert Steiglitz before a controversial 10th round stoppage.

Buglioni went into the fight confident of out boxing Khomitsky and then outwork him in the later stages of the contest. But Khomitsky had other ideas.

Buglioni started the opening round well, dominating behind a stiff jab whilst moving on the back foot, Khomitsky unable to close the range is picked off. On the occasions Khomitsky came in close, Buglioni blocked and countered well on the inside before pushing Khomitsky back on the end of the jab. Good start for Buglioni.

The second round saw much of the same, Buglioni controlling the pace behind his long sharp jab and firing good counter punches when Khomitsky opted to work on the inside. Buglioni finishes with 2 good combinations and lands a solid right hook to take the round.

In the third round, Khomitsky lands with a solid left hook to Buglioni’s chin and then follows up with a right hand over the top. Khomitsky continues to pressure Buglioni who returns fire with fire, throwing his own combinations, but they do not land as cleanly as the Belarussian’s own. They finish with a trade off. A Khomitsky round.

Into the fourth, Buglioni and Khomitsky both assert themselves, equally landing chopping right hands, Buglioni’s right has a telling effect on Khomitsky who looks to hold and tie his man up. The experienced veteran utilises his seasoned skills to minimise the youngsters onslaught. The superior footwork and work rate sees the youngster take another round.

The fifth round sees Khomitsky land successive right hands and push the pressure on Buglioni, who’s defence had become loose. Sensing he is behind in the round, Buglioni mounts an attack in the closing stages of the round, too little too late however and the Belarussian bruiser takes another round on the scorecards.

Sixth round spells disaster for Buglioni, into the opening minute Khomitsky lands with a peach of a left hook to Buglioni’s chin, seeing his man stunned, he jumps over Buglioni and puts together a combination of hurtful shots. Buglioni does well to take them and maintain a clinch with his back to the ropes. His inexperienced show and clearly still hurt Buglioni tried to mount a counter strike, however he was caught with another left hook and saved by the ropes, subsequently receiving commanding a count by the referee.

Bravely willing to continue, Buglioni tells his corner he is ready for battle, but showing experience and care for his young fighter, Mark Tibbs wisely calls the contest to a halt, retiring his fighter and allowing him to walk back to the changing room and live to fight another day. Sergey Khomitsky causes the upset and takes home the WBO Super Middleweight European Title, securing himself a top 5 world ranking.